The Good Johnson
Good Johnson is a hobo term that's stuck w/ me over the years. It refers to living by the "laws of the Wanderpath." "You help somebody who needs some help. If somebody doesn't have any food or water you share with them, and somebody will share with you. When you leave a campsite, you don't leave it trashed out, you leave some wood for the next guy. You never ask too many questions about what someone's doing, you mind your own business. It's called being a 'good Johnson,' a Johnson being a gentleman of the underworld, a criminal who still has a creed of ethics." - Texas Legend, Filmmaker, Bill Daniel
Not too sure what direction the new tumblr will take (sk8videos, glitches, buddha, babes, gifs, and music most likely) but the laws of the wanderpath will fo sho be evident. Even when stuck inside on the computer. Thanks for visiting.
The Good Johnson

Woke up alone and not sure why.


That booty though

never: Don’t break my heart